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Welcome to our web site. Even Weymouth is too cold for us in winter. We are going south by ferry, train and bike. We plan some cycle touring, island hopping in the Canaries, and some skiing before the winter is over. We hope you will join us on our leisurely journey.

Us Sunsets over the ocean Nice Hotels

First we are going to southern Spain via France and Portugal for Christmas. And then onwards to the Canaries for some island hopping. We will be cycle touring part of the way. In February we are going skiing. After that a circuitous route south before heading north back home for the spring flowers. We will travel by Airnimal folding bikes, ferry and train. We will blog on the way and post as we go. When we get back this site will be the record made day by day of our adventures. We will include GPS downloads and technical information.

The whole 12,000km route

We have pages on how we navigate, plan and communicate. The stokerís page says how we get round her illness and the level of risk she accepts.

We have web links which connect directly to pics as they are taken via Dropbox and to our Facebook page.

As usual we will love to hear from you and we will do our best to reply.