A Selection of Photos

Fisherman Sculpture - Vancouver

Seaplane in the moorings


No respect for global warming was universal

Cliffs from the boat

A family meal

Two semis

Sea Eagles

Seymour Narrows

Logging truck

Totem Pole at Bear Cove

Inshore Passage

Mainland shore

From the train to Jasper

Real wilderness

Penny Post Office miles from anywhere and lots of mozzies

Bike by train

Whistler summit

Gopher (Gold-mantled squirrel)


Maligne Canyon

Maligne River

Beware of wolves

Medicine Lake

Athabascar Falls

River near Athabascar Falls

Entering the Icefield Parkway

Big hill in the Icefield Parkway

People on the glacier

Icefield Parkway

Icefield Parkway

Rampart Creek Hostel



Edmonton bike club run by mini van and ice box

All one train on the spiral through mountain tunnels

Kicking Horse Mountain

Top of the hairpin bends

Takakkaw Falls

Anne and Tony driving around the ranch

Debbie and Tony's ranch

Castle Mountain

The Great Divide at Vermilion

Forest fires leave this

Windermere Lake



Train at Fort Steele

On stilts at Fort Steele

Humming bird in flight

Humming birds

Quarry truck

Wheel bearing failure but not a bad place to have it

Stoker avoiding the creek at Lonesome Pine Ranch


They did own the whole place once

Baseball caps on posts

Rocky Mountaineer Train

Rocky Mountaineer Train

Rocky Mountaineer Train

Osprey nest

Rocky Mountaineer Train

A racoon in Vancouver

Rampart Creek sauna

Weeping wall

Blue bird


Don't feed the bears

Dangerous marmot at Whistler

Meeting Tranquility

Top of Whistler

Great divide

Korean girls at Whiskey Jack