This summer we are cycling to Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Holland, doing over 2000km. This tour is inspired by John Surowiec and Kenís tour to Poland in 2010 http://www.akweb.org.uk/lubwar/. We also have a deeply felt need to be out of the UK and away from Weymouth during the Olympics.

The management wants to revisit with the stoker some of the places he saw on his 2010 tour. The terrain in most places is undulating, making for pleasant summer cycling.

We are absolutely dependent on technology. We navigate by computer and GPS and all our information, entertainment and communications are electronic. We have a very small auxiliary electric motor to help us on big hills and against head winds.

This site has downloadable GPS and Google Earth tracks of the route. There is much other useful and interesting information. We hope you enjoy it.

As usual we will blog on this site as we go and we welcome your encouraging comments. There are downloadable maps on each page, a photograph page and a page for technical information and route planning.

As usual we will love to hear from you. Any comments or observations will be very welcome. Please also let us know if you find any errors.