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A new grandson in Sydney is the real reason for the trip but the opportunity for a tour of Tasmania was too good to be missed. In four weeks we plan to travel anticlockwise around the island with its spectacular scenery, quiet roads and comfortable places to stay.

Ken Oliver the inspiration Anne

We plan to travel by train and ship from Sydney, starting our tour in Devonport. This site is our day by day diary of our adventures and will become the record of the tour.

It's good to be in wild places again

We have a technical page for geeks about our bikes, navigatation, etc. The stoker says how we get round her illness, the level of risk she accepts, and how she puts up with the management.

There is a link to our pics and the routes we plan to take. You can even download the routes as GPX files. But if you follow them it's at your own risk.

As usual we will love to hear from you and will reply as soon as we can.