We said "No one will be interested in reading about our softies bike ride. No adventure, no long rides ending in the dark, no dead ends over steep drops." A fellow adventurer and long term supporter replied, "You two, a ride without adventures, impossible. Just do the web site." So we have but we are convinced, indeed hope, it will put you to sleep.

The two of us cycling Lots of this No more roads like this

Again we are travelling out by cargo ship, leaving from Felixstowe and bound for Gran Canaria. We tried to go by luxury cruise liner but they refused to drop us off; their loss.

OPDR Las Palmas

The Route and Technical pages deal with the way we are managing our softies tour and there is much more information about the real techie stuff on the main web site.

The stoker should have ample time to take photos and we will put these on the photo page as we go. They will probably take ages to open unless you have a really fast connection.

As usual we will love to hear from you. We only download the text of emails while we are on the road but will get photos and large attachments at internet places.