A Selection of Photos

My favourite of the whole trip, not taken by me, at the remains of the Berlin wall

A city gate at Lubeck


Looking for cakes at Traveamunde

Training ship Passat

The Baltic Sea near to Wismar

Brick Cathedral - Wismar

Cycle route towards Waren

Lunch near a bus shelter with seat in case it rains


Cycle route towards Waren

Dobbin tourists

On the Berlin - Kopenhagen cycle route

On the Berlin - Kopenhagen cycle route

Our first Trabant


Main road between villages towards Ravensbruck

Beside the road towards Ravenbruck

The murderers of Ravensbruck lived here

Those murdered at Ravensbruck lived here

Canal between lakes near Ravensbruck

The murderers of Ravensbruck lived here

Holocaust Memorial - Berlin

Holocaust Memorial - Berlin

Brandenburg Gate - Berlin

Contrast of Old and New Berlin

A view from the TV Tower - Berlin

TV Tower - Berlin

Remains of the Berlin Wall - looks like Glastonbury

A ferry on the cycle route - Berlin suburbs

Signs going east from Berlin

Our first stork's nest on the way to Munchote

Soviet housing Sulecin, the mural gives the lie

Sulecin competing with Weymouth for the worst cycle route in Europe

Rat House Poznan

Main Square - Poznan

Rat House Poznan

Wooden Church just out of Poznan

Low flying church near to Sochacrew

View of the aluminium smelter from Konin YH window

Communal heating, Konin with YH behind

We think they dress the crosses for Labour Day in Poland

The bridge at Plock

Crossing the bridge at Plock

Stork nests are common in Poland

Seen in Sochacrew - no idea what it is

Warsaw, this Soviet era building once dominated, no more