Trinidad, Cuba. This year's destination?


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Welcome to our web site. It records our travels to and in Cuba between December 2008 and March 2009 as they happened. We hope you enjoy it. It may also be helpful if you are planning a similar trip. We travelled by train to Barcelona and then by a cargo ship carrying containers for Fidel.

Management working “red tandem”? Stoker resting

The Cuba Tips and Tricks page was done as we left Cuba. All the standard guide books we have seen contain a vast amount of rubbish generated by Fidel’s misinformation department. We have tried to correct some of this.

Container Ship - Melfi Iberia

We have a new page (December 2008) for this trip on how we navigate, plan and communicate now that technology has moved on. The stoker’s page says how we get round her illness and the level of risk she accepts.

As usual we will love to hear from you. click here to email. We do not update any of our travel web sites after we return from a trip. This one was last updated by adding the final page on 1st April 2009. If you have questions or comments we will do our best to reply.

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