The Dedegol Mountains, Isparta, Turkey. This year’s challenge?


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Welcome to our web site. In the northern winter of 2007/8 we travelled with our tandem again but this time with a difference. We cycled across Italy, Greece, Turkey and Cyprus waving our credit card rather than risk camping.

The two of us cycling Management planning Stoker caring

We travelled out to Southern Italy and back from Cyprus on a rather large but unprepossessing cargo ship. We blogged on the way. This site is the record made day by day of our adventures.

RoRo ship Grande Spagna

We have pages on how we navigate, plan and communicate. The stoker’s page says how we get round her illness and the level of risk she accepts.

This year’s new page of photos depends on being able to get wifi. It will probably take ages to open.

As usual we will love to hear from you. We only download the text of emails while we are on the road but will get photos and large attachments at internet cafés.

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