Plougasnou to Ploumanach - Day 6

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Plougasnou to Ploumanach

Wednesday 27th April 2011

We left our hotel on the beach wondering what chance it had if sea levels rise. But it is in a lovely situation and at this time of the year it is very quiet.

Soon after leaving the hotel the management made one of his rare navigational errors, taking us uphill on a bumpy track which ended in a locked gate. This required a retrace even for him. By the way, these errors are now rare because he uses the GPS which deskills navigation but of course makes cycle touring a lot easier.

Our morning ride was along this spectacular coast. It did involve a fare few descents down to rocky coves and sandy beaches and the inevitable climbs up. The weather was again perfect for cycle touring and for much of the morning there was very little traffic.


Emmanuelle again found us. He then proceeded to jump out from behind bushes and climb up to high places to photograph us when we least expected it.

By lunch time we had reached the point where we had to go inland to bridge the Le Leguer at Lannion. During the last two days we had explored the coast from Roscoff to Saint Michel en Grève. It has been a great ride with little traffic and beautiful scenery and is highly recommended.

The road to Lannion is both narrow and busy and for those going north there is no easy alternative. We got it out of the way as quickly as we could. Fortunately the stoker, who was in the lead, made a navigational error as we left Lannion. This avoided the worst of the super highway to the airport.

Plougasnou sculpture park

Just after Lannion we took a very minor road which rather oddly went via a travellers’ camp and the rubbish tip. We remembered a similar experience in Plymouth. This quiet green route took us almost all the way to Ploumanach north of Perros Guirec, mainly traffic free.

We again stayed at a very pleasant two star hotel, this time near to a rocky cove in this popular holiday village of Ploumanach.

Soon after we arrived we folded the Bromptons and bundled them into Emmanuel’s car for a photoshoot on the cliff top. The coast here is very beautiful and because of this extremely popular with car bound tourists. This outing by car confirmed our decision to cycle inland tomorrow rather than compete with cars along the coast.