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Weymouth to Portland Bill

Weymouth Town Centre to Portland Bill offers something for everyone with spectacular views over Portland Harbour and the Jurassic Coast. The first part, to Ferry Bridge along the old railway to Portland, is ideal for families and children. From here it becomes more demanding with a serious climb on Portland before descending to Portland Bill.

Connect2 will soon bridge Newstead Road but for now you will need to cross the road.

This route is mainly unsigned and the following are pointers to be read with the map. Leave the Swannery Car Park by passing under the road bridge then follow the cycle path along the edge of Radipole Lake. Turn right onto Westham Bridge, now a car park, and right at the end of the bridge and through the underpass. Immediately at the end of the underpass turn left onto Corscombe Close. Turn right at the end of the path and you will soon come to the start of the Rodwell Trail on your left.

Following the Rodwell Trail you will soon need to descend to Newstead Road by taking the tarmac path to the right, crossing the road and climbing back up the tarmac path to the left. After passing Rodwell Station you will spot the remains of Sandsfoot Castle Halt. Soon after this you can turn left to Sandsfoot Castle with its open air café.

The road crossing at Ferry Bridge can be daunting for less experienced cyclists. For those not in a hurry it can be avoided. To do this turn left opposite the Ferry Bridge Pub without crossing the road. Cross over the bridge over Small Mouth where the Fleet enters Portland Harbour. At the boatyard entrance double back onto the path on your left and pass under the road, turning left once under the bridge to regain the cycle path. You will soon come to the Chesil Beach Centre and open air café. The boatyard also has a café and those with mountain bikes often stay on this side of the road to gain Portland.

Crossing to Portland from the Chesil Centre to the Academy roundabout is only recommended for experienced cyclists. At best it is unpleasant and in bad weather it can be dangerous. All the cycling groups are campaigning for its improvement. Families often cross on the Portland Harbour side, see above paragraph.

Once you reach the National Sailing Academy peace and sanity return. If you are using our GPS track the route may vary from it slightly here but follow the signs and you will soon find the marina, heliport and Portland Castle.

You now have a steep unavoidable climb to gain Top Hill Portland. To stay on roads suitable for all types of bike the route goes through Fortuneswell which is quite busy. Many cyclists will be walking anyway and you will soon turn off. Fortuneswell is one way clockwise and the return route is to the west.

There are spectacular views from Top Hill and the route continues on road to Portland Bill.

Portland offers superb mountain biking and has a vast network of tracks and quarry roads. It is possible to get easily from Portland Castle to Portland Bill almost entirely off road. There are no bridle paths on Portland but considerate mountain bikers are welcomed.

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