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Weymouth to Puddletown

This route gives access to the north east using quiet roads. It is hilly but less so than routes to the west of Weymouth. It passes through the rolling farm land of central rural Dorset. It gives easy access to Sherborne, Salisbury and the north and a slight detour will bring you to Tolpuddle of martyrsí fame. Some cyclists will prefer to take the main road to Chalbury Corner before joining the route at Coombe Valley Road.

It is suitable for all types of rider including confident child cyclists. It is also suitable for most types of bike though there is an unmade section which would be uncomfortable on a lightweight road bike. Those on trikes, trailers and heavily laden tandems will need to take a short diversion (see below) but otherwise should also be able to enjoy this route.

The River Frome near Tincleton

You start from the Swannery car park going north on the cycle track on the wide pavement beside Radipole Park Drive. You soon turn right to cross the railway via the excellent Alexander cycle bridge.

You soon cross the busy Dorchester Road and you can use the pelican crossing near Tesco if you find this road intimidating. After another short stretch on minor roads, passing Weymouth College, you travel on a cycle track through Lodmoor Country Park.

After some further quiet residential roads you will reach a footpath near Chalbury Corner. It is about 150 yards long with barriers and you will need to walk here. If your bike will not fit continue on Wyke Oliver Road, turn left at the end onto the busy Preston Road and left at Chalbury Corner before rejoining the route at Coombe Valley Road.

Coombe Valley Road is very pleasant though it is uphill over the downs. Some extra care is required because it is narrow in places and is used as a rat run by some motor vehicles.

From the top of the downs it is a pleasant descent into Broadmayne. After Broadmayne the route leads to Woodsford where you turn north, crossing the Frome by three attractive stone bridges to reach the village of Tincleton.

Puddletown is an attractive large village but facilities for cyclists are very limited. It was once on the main A35 but has been bypassed. A short diversion on the old A35 towards the east will bring you to the historical village of Tolpuddle. The martyrsí museum here is well worth a visit and the old main road is not busy.

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